It’s Techno Tropicalia As Likdo Turns One With Their NYE Phu Quoc Beach Festival Likdo: NYE On The Beach

Likdo By The Sea crew: Manikk, Khoi Mai and Di Linh

Likdo, the music-oriented website and ticketing platform, is embarking on a New Year’s seaside getaway. And who can blame them for escaping the Hanoi winter and venturing south to the mesmerizing beaches and balmy nights of Phu Quoc for Likdo: NYE On The Beach?

Đọc bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

As Likdo is also turning one, there’s even louder calls for a celebration. And so, the event that runs from 29 December to 1 January will feature the exceptional north-to-south alliance of Savage, Hanoi’s epoch-making venue, and Saigon’s renowned nightclub, The Observatory – two iconic house and techno clubs about to set the event ablaze over two stages, a beach stage and a darkroom indoor space.

The event will welcome the Norwegian producer and DJ, Skatebård, Cora, a former resident, who took off back to China and came back a techno titan, and Alex Kassian, the producer, DJ and artist from Kyoto, who’s now based in Berlin.

But, the Savage and Observatory residents will be starting the party (and keeping it going, as usual, into the early hours) – DJs like Hanoi-based Khoi Mai, Di Linh and Manikk. 

Blissed-out Bai Sao 1 beach, Phu Quoc.
Blissed-out Bai Sao 1 beach, Phu Quoc.

Besides his DJing duties, Khoi also handles marketing, production management, and general upkeep of Savage club and the Likdo festival.

His current style, he says, is defined by energetic and psychedelic tunes, a shift from his previous preferences towards slower genres like disco, funk, or RnB. “Last year, I was taking it slow with music, literally, and digging slower, happier stuff,” he says. “This year, however, with the scene growing swiftly, I was inspired to collect more energetic and psychedelic tunes to keep the crowd moving.” 

His days typically involve office tasks during the day and music in the night, and given a chance, he’d love to be dancing to the sounds of friend and DJ Anh Vy.

Or, preferably, he’d be taking over the decks himself dropping tracks like Alex Kassian’s “uplifting and dreamy” ‘Live Your Life’ (Dance Mix). Tom Blip’s ‘Kickdrums,’ with its “dirty bassline and steady buildup. Or “the fast, powerful yet melancholic” Wilted Woman’s ‘Glossy Center’ (Kim Ann Foxman Remix).

DJ Manikk, another resident of Savage club, carries a passion for electro music and the freedom it brings to the scene. He maintains the crowd’s dancing spirit by creating an emotional journey through his mixes. “Right now, you might hear me play Darling’s ‘Sierra,’ or ‘The Crush’ by La Royala, or RSTN’s ‘Enigmatra’ depending on the time of night. 

Apart from being a DJ, Manikk is a sound engineer for Savage and Equation Festival. “I spend my free time digging music, learning, and practicing production…”

Di Linh, a resident DJ of Savage, The Observatory, and Equation, sees the scene in Vietnam as a perfect balance of everything – from freedom, craziness, to outright unbridled happiness. 

Her style, she says, is dynamic and versatile, and she’s always on the lookout for new sounds to keep her sets refreshing. When she’s not spinning records, she’s behind the scenes, helping organize some of the biggest festivals in Vietnam.

“And if I were on the dance floor, I would love to be moving to the beats of DJs like Manikk, TaoFu, Cong, Zwi, Park:ING, Khoi Mai, Anh Vy, BongBongQuayQuay, Viet Anh, and Lam Dao,” she smiles.

These three DJs embody the unique and vibrant energy of the Vietnam music scene right now, and its underground clubs and festivals. And they’ve been instrumental in bringing the Likdo: NYE On The Beach to life. 

Bai Sao 1 beach, Phu Quoc festival venue.
The Likdo: NYE On The Beach host venue.

What is Likdo? And why does it deserve a holiday?

Khoi Mai: Likdo is a dynamic platform. It’s dedicated to promoting the vibrant music scene here and in the region. There’s exciting features, including comprehensive profiles of emerging artists, renowned venues, and thrilling festivals

In addition, you can conveniently purchase event tickets or gain access to captivating club nights. Last year witnessed an extraordinary surge in the Asian music scene, and it also marked Likdo’s momentous founding and first-year. To commemorate this milestone, we are thrilled to announce a spectacular beach celebration at the end of the year. Join us as we revel in the harmony of music and the allure of the shore.

Di Linh: Right, Likdo is a versatile online magazine and ticket platform. Its primary focus on Asia and its vibrant happenings. 

Despite being operational for just a year, the website has successfully fostered robust connections with promoters, clubs, and artists across the region. To commemorate this milestone, we wanted to do something special. And that became Likdo: NYE On The Beach, where everyone can come together and celebrate.

Manikk: Along with the Likdo crew, you can experience a breathtaking 4-day, 3-night festival. And it’s going to be on Vietnam’s most stunning beach this New Year’s Eve. With an incredible lineup of artists from across Asia and Europe, this destination is an absolute paradise for music lovers. It promises to be an unforgettable holiday experience!

What essential kit should visitors to Likdo: NYE On The Beach bring with them?

Manikk: Hmm. Sunglasses, vitamins, suppliers, earplugs..and their dancing shoes. Actually, even better, bring an abundance of socks, as dancing on sand with socks is far more satisfying. Trust me. Give it a go.

Di Linh: Come dressed in your finest festive costumes and bring along your positive vibes. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hand fan, a hat, mosquito spray, and a swimsuit. If you’re traveling from outside, having some cash with you is a must.

Khoi Mai: Don’t forget to pack your swimwear, sunscreen, frisbee, sunglasses, and towel. Or better yet, don’t bring anything at all because the island of Phu Quoc has got you covered with everything you need.

And what does Likdo: NYE On The Beach sound like?

Khoi Mai: I envision a proper rave, featuring the mesmerizing sounds of Kim Ann Foxman, Cora and Di Linh. There’ll be the euphoric melodies of Alex Kassian and Manikk who will keep the energy soaring, while Ouissam or Hibiya Line always bring an element of surprise.

Be ready for an unforgettable encounter with music that will transport you to another dimension.

Manikk: House, disco, techno, and electro — and who knows what else?

Di Linh: Likdo sounds like the perfect opportunity to reconnect, meet old friends and make new ones, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Phu Quoc during New Year’s Eve. 

Manikk in the booth
DJ Manikk: “What should you expect? House, disco, techno, and electro — and who knows what else?”

What do you think Likdo: NYE On The Beach attendees will leave the event saying?

Manikk: We came together. We embraced creativity. We spread love and lived a joyful time infused with music.

Di Linh: I imagine them departing with radiant smiles, and declaring, “Let’s do this again next year!”

Khoi Mai: Haha, yes. I imagine them (and me) saying: “I’m already ready for next year!”

The event welcomes Skatebård, Cora and Alex Kassian and others back to our shores. Can you describe them and their music in your own words?

Di Linh: Skatebård, is gonna take us all to his super cool loving planet, and Cora will hook us up to her spaceship. They’re seriously awesome folks to hang out with and when they work their magic, everyone just goes with the flow and joins right in.

Manikk:  Alex Kassian is always one of my favorite artists! Beautiful, shining, and full of high energy and love. His music and mixes are always meaningful and take me to paradise. They can’t be missed!

And Cora is like a part of the Savage family – high energy, dynamic, and unafraid to dive deep into the techno sound.

Khoi Mai: In my opinion, Cora has this insane, out-of-this-world energy when it comes to music that just makes you want to dance and rave all night long. And, Alex Kassian is the absolute king of long-hour sets. He’ll take you on this euphoric, mind-blowing journey and hold you tight for a solid 5 hours. It’s pure magic.

DJ Khoi Mai
Khoi Mai gearing up for Likdo: NYE On The Beach “White sand, amazing seafood…it’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and get ready for what’s coming in 2024!” 

And what appeal does Likdo: NYE On The Beach have for them and other international guests (both DJs and event attendees)?

Di Linh: First of all, let’s talk about the location. In December and January, the weather is absolutely perfect – sunny, with a nice breeze, and not too hot. Plus, there are so many cool places to explore around the island and you’ll find plenty of delicious food. It’s super easy to get around and won’t break the bank.

As for the event, the crew from Hanoi, Savage and Likdo, really know how to curate an awesome experience. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time, believe me.

And the music? There’s some serious talent heading to Phu Quoc. We’ve got a killer lineup of both international and local acts who are going to bring their A-game to keep the party going non-stop for 4 days straight. It’s gonna be epic!

Khoi Mai: Phu Quoc’s emerald beach, Bai Sao’s white sand, amazing seafood, and top-notch tourism – it’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and get ready for what’s coming in 2024! 

DJ Manikk is also a sound engineer for Savage and Equation.

How do you tailor your approach to a festival that’s at the beach compared to playing Savage or other clubs?

Di Linh: Every venue has its own unique vibe that’s hard to compare. I love the intimate feel of playing in a club, but there’s something special about performing in an open space by the beach. 

Depending on the time of my set, I try to envision what would be perfect for that moment – if I were on the dance floor, what would I want to hear? That’s how I sometimes imagine and question myself before a gig. And as I mentioned earlier, when you and the crowd are in sync and feeling the same energy, that’s when the night truly takes off!

Manikk:  I agree. Every venue, event, or festival has its own unique vibe, feeling, and music direction that always impacts and makes me think about choosing the best set to play there.

Khoi Mai: First, for me, is the sound. I would go for something that sounds amazing outdoors and on a massive sound system because we’re expecting a crowd of 1 to 2 thousand people. And secondly, I’d take the scene into account. The music I play in nature would be totally different from the tunes I spin in the club.

What surprises will you unleash in your set Likdo: NYE On The Beach?

Manikk: I’ll drop my new track that I’ve been working on this year.

Di Linh: I’m sorry, but that’s going to remain a surprise!

Khoi Mai: Haha. Exactly. How would it be a surprise anymore if I answer this? No way.

And, as an NYE event, looking back, which were your three moments of the year as a DJ?

Di Linh: There are so many amazing memories, it’s tough to pick just a few! The Savage 7th Anniversary and The Observatory 10th Anniversary are definitely at the top of my list.

They’re both like family to me, and we’ve come a long way together, celebrating every moment. And let’s not forget about that epic (Re)treat Festival Halloween Edition in the cave – it was absolutely insane in the best way possible!

Manikk: I had an awesome Europe trip in July with the Equation crew. I attended the (Re)treat Festival Halloween Edition too. And I also celebrated Savage 7th Anniversary. It was such a magical time for me as well. I’ll never forget it.

Khoi Mai: Totally, agree. The last great moment happened at (Re)treat Halloween Edition, where I got to warm up for the legendary house artist, Soichi Terada, before his live set. Towards the end of my set, he started freestyling with his Korg Kaossilator. Then he showed me how to play it and invited me to give it a try. It’s a moment I’ll never, ever forget.

Then came the morning when Telephones rocked the opening day of the garden at The Observatory. It was such a chill morning. And let’s not forget the afterparty of Savage’s anniversary! Manikk totally mesmerized us with his epic 3-hour set.

DJ Di Linh
Di Linh: “I love the intimate feel of playing in a club, but there’s something special about performing in an open space by the beach.” 

And, finally, what will your New Year’s resolution be?

Di Linh: I’m gonna stay focused on my goals, keep developing myself, and constantly learn and discover new things. I’m ready for more exciting adventures ahead!

Manikk:  Work harder. Play harder. And hopefully, I’ll release my first EP. 

Khoi Mai: To exercise more, play more badminton and be healthy!  

Likdo: NYE On The Beach will run for 4 days and 3 nights from 29 December to 1 January on Phu Quoc’s Bai Sao 1 Beach. For tickets and more information go here.

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