Our Curated List Of Teambuilding, Hangout And Straight Up Fun Things To Do In Saigon

Teambuilding. Connecting. Or just hanging out. Through a turbulent year, we embraced some diverse activities. There really are a lot of fun things to do in Saigon. From climbing to mini golf, there are suddenly plenty of ways to pass an evening or afternoon with colleagues or your closest friends. Here’s our favorite seven.

Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt

We’ve been eagerly reporting on new bars and restaurants in Saigon resisting the difficult times and opening up anyway. But for those of a more health-conscious mindset, there’s lots of ways to work out and hangout. Whether with work friends or best friends, activities like the ones listed are a great way to bond.

Seven Fun Things To Do In Saigon

Indoor Rock Climbing

In 2021, rock climbing debuted at the Olympics. Besides the Olympic rubber-stamp, more research has been conducted on the health benefits of climbing. And they seem endless – from psychological to physical and even the cognitive aspect as you problem-solve your way up the wall. Now, rock climbing in Saigon is a more accessible fun thing to do in Saigon. That’s because three cool locations offer indoor rock climbing in Saigon: Vertical Academy and Saigon Climbing Center. Then there’s Push Climbing. At Push Climbing, there are seven vertical courses in an airy 120m2 venue called Saigon Outcast. Besides groups, they also target families and even kids. “We can all reach the summit, no matter how professional we are,” the team reassure us. And they have trained instructors on hand to help you discover the pace and the ascent that fits. Onwards and upwards!

Push Climbing at Saigon Outcast in District 2.

Push Climbing

Address: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Water Sports

You may not know it, but even in our 9 million population sprawling metropolis, there are even water sports. Naturally, the Saigon River offers sunset promenades, and the water bus can whiz you to different districts and destinations. Then there’s yacht companies for the more sedentary-minded.

Getting wavy at Saigon Watersports & Boat Club.

But there’s also water-skiing, kayaking and floating paddleboards (SUP) out in District 7. There, Saigon Watersports & Boat Club offer a wide range of river-based activities for all ages. And as with rock climbing safety is paramount, with a skilled team of instructors on hand to guide you. Plus, if the exercise gets too much, you can unwind with a BBQ, camping and fishing. All on the dock of the bay.

Sun sets on another beautiful day at Saigon Watersports & Boat Club.

Saigon Watersports & Boat Club

Address: 67 Nguyen Luong Bang, Phu My, District 7

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Mini Golf

Sure, mini golf may not be as strenuous as our previous two activities, but it can be at least as much fun. These new venues also have an eye for Instagram, with popping neon and glow-in-the-dark courses.

Fun things to do in Saigon featuring Ballers Mini Golf & Bar

Plus, there’s coffee and food, and even beer…if you insist.  While golf can feel a little elitist, mini golf is fun and accessible. Knee socks and garish polos are optional. There’s two new stand-out venues, Glow Up Mini Golf Cafe and Ballers Mini Golf, Bar and Restaurant. You might end up taking as many photos as you do swings of the putter, but that’s fine too.

Photo time at Glow Up Minigolf Cafe

At Glow Up Minigolf Cafe, they push the creative course design side with 18-holes in a cool-looking space. For bigger groups, Ballers Mini Golf, Bar & Restaurant is also a good choice for mini golf in Saigon. And with a curated menu of food and drinks you may spend a while in the 19th hole. 

The dramatic glow-in-the-dark course at Glow Up Minigolf Cafe.

Ballers Mini Golf & Bar

Address: 236/29/2H Dien Bien Phu, Ward 17, Binh Thanh

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Glow Up Minigolf Cafe

Address: 62 Street No.1, Binh An Ward, District 2

Contact: Facebook


For something more old-school, try archery in Saigon. There are books dedicated to the Zen of archery. Professor Eugen Herrigel perfectly summed it up in his book, Zen In The Art Of Archery. The sport is a perfect balance of mind and body. There are two top clubs to try archery in Saigon: SFC Archery or Galaxy Archery. There you can develop the hand-eye co-ordination, the hand and finger flexibility and the physical strength required for that elusive bullseye.

Posing for a photo before the fun begins.

For something different, there’s also Archery Tag. Think of it as a mix between archery and paintball. Perfect for an afternoon with colleagues you don’t always get along with. And don’t worry. No one comes to permanent harm at Archery Tag. The arrow tips are safely covered. And with the chance to play in teams and 30 participants at once, it can be a lot of cathartic fun. And remember, like Professor Eugen explained: “Do not wait for fulfillment, but brace yourself for failure.” And don’t bear a grudge if you get tagged.

Teaming up at Archery Tag.

Archery Tag

Address: Thanh Da Sports Club, 1017 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh

Contact: Facebook | Website


For the real ballers, there’s now a baseball batting cage. With it’s wide open spaces, and riverside setting District 7 definitely feels like the up-and-coming area for activities in Saigon. And this one is a real hangout spot with a strong food and drinks menu, for when you’re finished swinging.

Real ballers at the Baseball Cage in District 7.

The staff show you the correct standing position, bat grip and motion for that home run hit. They’ll even pad you up, in case you’re scared of catching a stray ball. So far, it’s proven a great stress reliever for guests. As have the beers afterwards…

Waiting for the ball to fire at the Baseball Cage in District 7.

Baseball Cage

Address: 479 Le Van Luong, Tan Hung, District 7

Contact: Facebook | Instagram


“Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to somethin’,” Drake sang in his track ‘Jumpman’. Okay, he was probably talking about the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, but that won’t stop us dropping a Drake reference. Trampolining is a more accessible way to get hang time, propelled on the Jump Arena’s bouncy trampolines. 

The Jump Arena team proudly proclaim the brand as the first international trampoline park in Vietnam. And they offer 20 activities to do. Mostly they involve jumping up and down. But there’s also challenge areas like their  Obstacle Crossing or Rope Balance Challenge. Then there’s the Ninja Challenge, the Monkey Wall Climb, and more. They even host a glow in the dark Christmas party. We even did a shoot there back in the day.

Jump Arena, the first international trampoline park in Vietnam.

Jump Arena

Address: Vietopia Campus, No. 2 – 4, Street No. 9, Tan Hung Ward, District 7

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Go Carting

None of the above quick enough for you? Feel the need for speed? Then head to the Go Kart Racing track for some bigger thrills. Located at Hello Park Campus with equipment imported from Germany, go carting in Saigon can be a real ride. As with all these activities, safety is paramount, and the team are on hand to ensure you emerge unscathed. You can organize in-house competitions with your team, or head over and pair up with a stranger for a race to the finish. There are training sessions too, if you want to take your go cart racing to another level. And the team record the times and record them on a coveted leaderboard. But be warned, of all the fun things to do in Saigon this is definitely the fastest. At Hello Park, their Super Karts can go at a speedy 260km/h. And if you’re more of an armchair fan, you can watch the action from the stands. Zoom.

Fasten your seatbelt…or take a seat in the stands.

Hello Park Go Cart Racing

Address: 582/12 Huynh Tan Phat, Tan Phu Ward, District 7

Contact: Facebook

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