Your Insider’s Guide To A Day At Blush Beach Danang

Opened in April, Blush Beach Danang is the place for lazy days, perfect parties and unmissable events. Here, the Blush Beach Danang team take us inside with their guide.

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Making the New York Time’s 2019 list of 52 countries to visit isn’t easy. But there in 15th place between Salvador in Brazil and Costalegre in Mexico is Danang – or ‘the Miami of Vietnam’ as the influential newspaper calls it. Now, the coastal city with a fire-breathing bridge and a unique street food culture has an international-standard beach club. And Blush Beach is exactly the kind of hangout you’d expect to find in Miami, the epic South Florida party capital. Alternatively, think Vietnam’s own Potato Head or Tanjong Beach Club. You get the idea. 

Blush Beach, the kind of hangout you’d expect to find in Miami.

Understand that Danang’s ‘northern strip’ of hotels are set back across the road from the beach. As you leave town towards Hoi An the hotels – mostly sprawling five-star properties – merge with the beach. Further along is Blush. At 1.4 hectares, Blush Beach Danang may take some navigating for first-time visitors. There’s the beachfront, a pool club with cabanas, a bar and grill, an outdoor cinema…and lazy days punctuated by perfect parties and incredible events. 

Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Day At Danang’s Blush Beach

Here, the team behind Blush Beach Danang share five tips to get the most out of your day at the stylish beach club. 

Find Blush Beach Danang near Hoi An’s an bàng and cửa đại beaches.

#1. Get Acquainted With This Cool Corner Of Quang Nam Province

Find Blush Beach Danang roughly at the point where Trường Sa Street becomes Lạc Long Quân. The straight coastal road offers glimpses of sea amid lines of exclusive properties before reaching Hoi An’s an bàng and cửa đại beaches. 

The easiest way to Blush Beach is to grab a Grab. Watch out for Cocobay and the Grandvrio Ocean Resort Danang next door to know you’re near. And a couple of hundred meters away is the Montgomerie Links Golf Course, which might make Blush Beach the perfect ‘19th hole’. Added to that Blush Beach is only a 25-minute drive from downtown Danang. Or 35 minutes if you decide to come directly from the airport. 

Heading the other way – from your Hoi An hotel or a day spent visiting the ancient town – it only takes 10 minutes by taxi or motorbike. But with Hoi An’s plethora of bicycle rental shops, you could also pedal over which justifies the celebratory uncorking of that ice-cold bottle of sauvignon blanc when you arrive. 

The Blush Beach Danang penthouse can hose 50 of your closest friends.

#2. Book The Blush Beach Penthouse And Party Like A Pop Star

“Rent the Blush Beach Danang penthouse for the ultimate VIP experience in Vietnam,” Blush Beach’s managing director James Seebacher suggests. The room can host 50 of your closest friends. There are two-bedroom spaces where you can shade from the sun for a while. And, naturally, there’s attentive waiter service too. 

Rentals are for the entire day (which means you’ll be staying somewhere close—at any of the hotels along this crescent-shaped stretch of golden beach).

Dry off in Blush Beach Danang’s cabanas if you’ve just climbed out of the shimmering blue water of the pool. 

#3. Or Find Your Perfect Spot

Architect Steven Baeteman specialises in fluid spaces. Check out his award-winning sustainable and seamless integration of interior and exterior at Danang’s Naman Retreat Pure Spa back along Trường Sa Street for more of his work. 

At Blush Beach Danang, Steven Baeteman has created another breezy space with more signature lattice-patterned partitions. And for easy enjoyment, he’s helped divide Blush Beach Danang into sections. As you enter (with the kind assistance of one of Blush Beach’s smiling buggy drivers) Dragonfly and the Dragonfly patio are on your left. Turn right to the banked central lounge with its lawnside tables and 180-degree views. And continue on to the south lounge. Beyond that catch rays on one of the south lounge’s daybeds – or dry off in the cabanas if you’ve just climbed out of the shimmering blue water of the pool. 

Some of the dishes and drinks at Blush Beach Danang.

#4. Fuel Up For The Day 

A long day basking at the beach needs fuel. Executive chef Brandon Winkeler used to rustle up dishes at Danang institutions like Fatfish and Red Door. At Blush Beach Danang he’s put together a lip-smacking modern-Asian menu broken into sections: to snack, to savor, and desserts to indulge.  

There are fries with an infusion of rosemary. Sumptuous salmon sushi salad bowls. And perfectly balanced sweet and spicy Vietnamese pork belly. “That’s my interpretation of lots of classic Vietnamese pork dishes all in one dish,” the executive chef tells us. “We slow cook the pork belly with Vietnamese spices, char siu, fish sauce, and local honey. And we serve it with a mini banh bao, green mango salad, some homemade kimchi, crispy pork skin and a soft boiled quail egg. It’s Vietnamese home cooking elevated into a beautifully presented plate of food.” 

Danang’s only swim-up beach bar.

#5. Dive In To Danang’s Only Swim-Up Beach Bar 

Splish. Splash. Check the views onto Non Nuoc beach. Say ‘Hi!’ to the welcoming bar staff. Order Insta-ready cocktails like the beachside classic, the Aperol Spritz. And there are Blush Beach Danang’s opulent premium classics too. We recommend you recreate the Miami beach vibes with a Bacardi 8 Cuba Libre. 

Alternatively, grab a local beer from one of the breweries representing Vietnam’s booming craft scene. There’s Pasteur Street and Haverlee draft. And Heart of Darkness and East West by the bottle. That’s because Blush Beach’s bar is the place to be as the sun sets and the sky flushes pink. 

Stick around to hear a sunset DJ set played from the back of the camper van parked next to the pool. “This is Danang’s only swim up beach bar after all,” Blush Beach Danang’s director of sales and marketing, Rebecca Do, proudly reminds us. 

Blush Beach Danang 

Address: Lac Long Quan Street, Dien Ngoc, Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province

Contact: Facebook | Instagram 

Call: (+84) 235 222 9 888

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