Introducing Mixcloud’s Worldwide Vibe Vietnam With Show Host And Co-Curator

Mixcloud’s Worldwide Vibe first went to Canada. Then they went to South Africa. And now they’re coming to Vietnam to showcase the same diversity of music shaping our scene with a six-hour livestream from Objoff curated by Demon Slayer and Saigon Community Radio, and partnering with V2X, Lions Share and Eastern Margins. 

Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt

“Vietnam sounds fast and loud and messy and chaotic,” show host Mino says. But the founder of media partner V2X and cultural activist, curator, talent manager and event promoter is quick to remind us, slightly tongue-in-cheek: “we are really relaxed folk.”

“Or a drunk man’s voice amplified through a karaoke speaker as the sound echoes through the trees on a hike through the perimeter of ​​Cat Tien jungle. EDM pouring out of a barbershop adorned with disco lights. Or Cai Luong playing on a portable speaker the size of a suitcase, while a man smokes his cigarette on a bench..” Joe from Saigon Community Radio, or SG_CR for short, laughs. 

The music scene right now is as thrillingly hard to define. “I think there’s so many sounds that represent Vietnam right now,” Mino explains. “We couldn’t possibly do it justice too,” SG_CR add, “but dig around groups like ‘Vietnam’s Next Top Bitches’ or Tomes’ show about electronic music ‘Điện Điên’ for their insights. Right now on our playlist is everything from ‘Huma’ ft. Haimint – sh00ting stxr to ‘NEON+’ by XOLITXO, wAvy to Vũ Thanh Vân’s ‘MISSING YOU’.

The Worldwide Vibe Vietnam show promises to capture that hyper, hazy energy through nine guests – mess., Teddy Chilla, Triple D, Jase x 2Stone, Tizone, Larria, Tanecore and Puppy Ri0t. 

“So our friends at Nhạc Gãy introduced us to the Mixcloud team, who it turns out are a bit in love with Vietnam thanks partly to the phenomenal attention their NONSTOP Vinahouse mixes get. The team got back in touch and asked us to help them navigate their upcoming Worldwide Vibe Vietnam event. We joined forces with the team and Eastern Margins, LIONS SHARE and Dan Nguyen aka Demonslayer and the show we’ve put together highlights individual acts, both old and new, who are bringing people to the dancefloor with their passion for playing and making music…” SG_CR tells us. 

“I’m guessing everyone is going to come through with something special for this event,” Mino adds. “Everyone’s eager to represent the scene from an original angle.”

Show host Mino.

“Right,” SG_CR agrees, “the lineup features artists who’ve been around a bit, and brand new faces – from mess. whose music incorporates traditional instruments and electronic sounds, to DJs and producers who’ve been around a bit – like Teddy Chilla, Jase and Triple D, people who created the dank, dirty underground bass music, trap and hip hop scene here 10 or more years ago – to artists carrying the torch, 2Stone, Larria and Tizone. Then there’s Puppy Ri0t and Tanecore, who’ll take listeners into the future of broken club, experimental vinahouse, and hyperpop, music that’s pulsing to the beat of the city.” 

Joe from SG_CR.

“You couldn’t pin down the sound of Vietnam today. It’s still developing, still evolving, so it’s an exciting work in progress. Maybe this Worldwide Vibe Vietnam livestream will help answer the question!” Mino adds. 

As host, Mino’s “wrapping his excitement, passion and positive belief in the scene in Vietnam” to his duties. “I’ve never hosted a show like this before,” he admits, “but this feels special to send this music out to a global audience.”

“That’s the plan,” SG_CR say, “to provide a glimpse of what Saigon sounds like right now to listeners and viewers all around the world! We hope this acts as a springboard for more collaborations both inside and outside Saigon to strengthen the community that all the participants and SG_CR will continue to build…”

Catch Mixcloud’s Worldwide Vibe on 26 March from 6pm. 

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