The Wink Team’s Guide To The Best New Music For November

Lockdown couldn’t stop a slew of new releases being cooked up. There have been surprising collaborations, Rap Viet fuelled re-releases, and much more in new music for this November as chosen by The Wink Team. Listen.

Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt

Welcome back. After four months of escalating levels of lockdown, we’re free again. But even in the darkest days, Saigon refused to sleep. Two crews even hosted livestream events for charity in October. The mysterious 70K crew held a show featuring 17 artists and DJs from a virtual convenience store created by Crazy Monkey. ‘70K Live From The Convenience Store’ included MINH and Levi Oi, and from the Hustlang Crew Robber, VSoul and Winno. Even the LA-based rap duo Officially PM got involved in the show in support of Saigon Children’s Charity highlighting the best new music and Vietnamese famous songs

A couple of weeks later was Nocturnal Animals x Tuborg Vietnam’s turn for a Livestream. Their concept united DJs from different venues, places like Zion, Qui Lounge and The Lighthouse with over 13 hours of streamed DJ sets also in support of Saigon Children’s Charity. That’s why we love this city. Unity in the most difficult times.

The other big news is Rap Viet 2. 

Standout artists appearing so far include SOL7, an underground rapper with over ten years in the game. His song was based on the 2003 track, ‘Dem Nay Anh Mo Ve Em’ written by musician Bao Chan and performed by Lam Truong. But SOL7’s version was remixed by Touliver and Slim V. Then there’s Blacka, Seachains, and VSoul and Robber from the Hustlang crew who have promised to drop an album at the end of the show’s run. RIC, who was on season 1, and who’s now with the 95G Crew has an album coming too. 

Here’s the team’s pick of the best tracks.


The Bass6 crew and 95G dropped the Thinh Ho-produced ‘Phi Hanh Gia’ (Astronaut), and it’s been getting heavy coverage on IG Stories and TikTok. Lil Wuyn’s part is especially good: “A, B, C, D, E / f*ck up in the night can’t believe what we see.” Wuyn is one of the hottest in the game right now with his upcoming appearance on Rap Viet 2 set to bring him more attention. 


This B Ray and Karik track was another surprise collaboration. ‘La Qua’ (It’s Strange!) is the 4th track from B Ray’s #FYILY EP. It was mixed and mastered by Chau Dang Khoa, a close friend of Karik’s, and the melody is super catchy. The lyrics are about best friends becoming strangers, leading a lot of listeners to wonder who the song is talking about. B Ray even took the song down for a while to stop the rumors, but now you can hear it again. And you should.


Originally released in May, the song’s popular again now. It’s a love song by Freaky and Seachains, who just featured on Rap Viet 2. 

‘Sao Hỏa’ – TUIMI feat. 16 Typh

German-Vietnamese singer-songwriter Tuimi was a star of last year’s King Of Rap. Now she’s teamed up with 16 Typh. The two are connected by their hometown of Hai Phong. But in the track they leave earth behind…

‘An Thần’ – LOW G feat Thắng (Ngọt Band)

This unconventional collaboration is another stand-out. ‘An Than’ by Low G features indie rock lead singer, Thang, whose verse added autotune to elevate his already genius lyrical delivery. The song’s a mournful account of being stuck in the friend-zone. But the response has been anything but downcast. The surprise release, published to YouTube, hit 100,000 views in the first couple of hours.

‘Ai Đang Cô Đơn’ –  VSoul 

This is VSoul’s iconic and love-lost track that featured on King Of Rap last year. Now he’s switched shows, and is featuring on Rap Viet. To celebrate he’s re-released the track with an updated MV visualizer directed by Terry Mcginnis and created by Vũ Nguyễn Hoàng Long.

‘Hmm…’ –  Vu Thanh Van

Vu Thanh Van released this track called “Hmm…” with producer itsnk. It’s not a new track, but this version takes on afrobeat elements and Vu Thanh Van has never sounded sexier. It’s also a precursor to an entire EP with itsnk, called ‘After Party’.

‘Chi Can em Noi Doi’  –  Vinh Khuat 

Multi-instrumentalist Vinh Khuat is also a talented composer, producer and singer. His releases always have energy, even the more sorrowful ones about love and loss. This one is like that, about the breakup of a couple. The guy is trying in vain to win her back. Catchy but melancholy.


Finally, we have a house-dance track. Originally released in January 2021, composed by Hua Kim Tuyen and performed by Van Mai Huong, the song was a hit, and so she decided to release this remix by Haozi & Rin V. It clocked 1M views and topped the YouTube chart in its first week of release. Lots of TikTok-ers have danced to the track. Check it out, although it’s so popular you probably already have.



A remix of the Tuimi and 16 Typh track, ‘Sao Hoa’. Duy Tuan is part of Hanoi’s legendary 1900 club and a member of Dusted Records. His remix adds layers to an already catchy song making it one of the best Vietnamese famous songs.

‘SG’  DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA of BLACKPINK

OK, this is not a Vietnamese release. But I’ve included it for the afrobeat elements and its catchiness. Lisa and Blackpink pairing up has got fans excited. So has the Latin vibe, beat, and melody that you can’t help dancing to.

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